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Delphix Drives Significant Growth Across its Business, Driven by the Demand for Data to Accelerate Innovation

Fortune 100 companies use Delphix to deliver data quickly and securely to fuel critical digital transformation initiatives.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 8, 2019 - Delphix, the company helping enterprises accelerate innovation through DataOps, today announced continued momentum across its portfolio of top global enterprises. During its fiscal year 2019, Delphix reported significant expansion amongst its customer use cases, the addition of sophisticated talent to the company’s leadership team and executive board, and industry validation from global partners like Capgemini, Accenture, AWS, Microsoft, SAP, and more.

In a world where every company must become a data company, the ability to leverage data as a strategic asset is the key to continuous innovation and establishing market leadership. However, the confluence of the increase in the size and complexity of data volumes, regulation and security concerns, and the speed at which innovators now need to consume data is overwhelming to most organizations. Waiting days, weeks, or even months to deliver data starves innovation and jeopardizes the future of the business.

“Despite the best-laid plans, most companies fail to leverage data as a strategic asset. The conflict between managing and securing vast amounts of disparate data and the free flow distribution of data to those who need it to drive business velocity is stifling innovation,” said Delphix CEO Chris Cook. “Delphix provides the speed and security enterprises need to keep pace with the demands of today’s data-driven economy. The growth and expansion of our customers’ success underscore how fundamentally invaluable Delphix is for enterprises navigating mission-critical digital transformation initiatives.”

The cycle of modern application development and innovation is only getting faster and more complex. The majority of organizations are quickly recognizing the dire need for a new paradigm. Enter: DataOps, the alignment of people, process and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to data management. Both Gartner and 451 Research recently called DataOps an emerging top solution for enabling data transformation and allowing companies to innovate at the speed necessary to stay competitive. 

The Industry’s Secret Weapon

Delphix customers include category leaders across industries—from retail to finance and healthcare. At the end of 2018, Delphix saw a significant boost in new customers with over $500K in revenue (a 21 percent increase from the previous year) and $1 million in revenue (a 28 percent increase from the previous year). 

Delphix customers represent the most successful, cutting-edge companies in the world including:

  • One-third of companies in the Fortune 50;
  • Four of the top five banks;
  • Two of the top five telecommunications companies;
  • Two of the top five retailers.  

Delphix customers have significantly expanded usage of the Delphix Data Platform over the past year. Since 2018, weekly active users have increased by nearly 50% and the number of data sources on the platform has risen by 100%. In April of 2019 alone, Delphix’s customers deployed 50,000 Data Pods to speed up application releases. Today Delphix currently powers 14,000 TB of data for companies—nearly 1000 times the size of all data stored in the United States Library of Congress.

"No matter what industry you work in, access to fresh, secure data is the only way to keep up with the demands of today's digital economy," said Glenn Di Biasi, the CIO of NYU's Stern School of Business. "Solutions like Delphix empower teams to become more agile without sacrificing security and privacy compliance. Fast moving, secure data allows you to keep pace with the speed of innovation, deliver value to your customers, and stay competitive in the last mile of digital transformation."

“The extent to which companies are able to transform digitally to respond to changing customer demands and competitive threats will define their ability to survive and thrive,” said Matt Aslett, Research VP, 451 Research. “Data is the fuel of intelligence-driven digital transformation and Delphix has demonstrated that it can help enterprises accelerate application development as well as manage data security regulations to provide them with the potential to lead in their respective markets."

Attracting Top Tier Executive Talent 

Delphix has taken its leadership to the next level with the addition of top talent to the company’s executive team and board. This includes the recent appointments of Monika Saha as Chief Marketing Officer and technology veterans Betsy Atkins, Penny Herscher, Dan Rogers, and Liz Tinkham as board members and advisors. 

Most recently, Lisa Dallmer joined Delphix in April as the company’s new SVP of Business Operations. Dallmer is a seasoned, customer-centric growth expert, with nearly 20 years of experience managing operations and business strategies for multimillion-dollar enterprises. Most recently, Dallmer served as Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of BlackRock's Global Technology and Operations Group. Prior to BlackRock, Dallmer was the COO and EVP of NYSE Euronext in Paris, a division of the New York Stock Exchange, where she was responsible for all aspects of the commercial operating model and technology services delivery.

Premier Partner Validation

In the past six months alone, Delphix has received significant industry validation from partnerships with global leaders. This includes Capgemini, Accenture, AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP and more. This widespread industry buy-in enhances Delphix’s ability to help customers modernize their data infrastructure in the cloud, on-prem, and in hybrid environments. Integrations with other leading solutions allow Delphix to deliver the speed, agility and predictability needed to accelerate application development and embrace DataOps practices. The Delphix Dynamic Platform has now been extended to support all major data sources including AWS, Microsoft Azure and other hybrid cloud environments.  

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About Delphix
Delphix’s mission is to free companies from data friction and accelerate innovation. Fortune 100 companies use the Delphix Data Platform to connect, virtualize, secure and manage data in the cloud and in on-premise environments. For more information, visit You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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