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Delphix Bolsters Exec Team to Support Surging Global Demand

New Chief Marketing Officer and First-Ever Global Practice Director for Data Transformation join Delphix to help enterprises around the world accelerate digital innovation.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 16, 2018 - Delphix, the company enabling the largest enterprises in the world to accelerate digital innovation through DataOps, today announced a significant expansion to its executive team with the addition of Monika Saha as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and industry luminary Sanjeev Sharma to lead its newly-established Data Transformation team. Used by nearly one-half of Fortune 50 global leaders, Delphix is bringing on seasoned executives to help scale operations to meet the increased demands of today’s burgeoning DataOps market, which Gartner expects to hit the mainstream in five years. 

Rapid and secure access to data is a tremendous bottleneck for companies that are in a race to monetize new digital services and deliver personalized experiences to customers. The friction between an organization’s obligation to maintain compliance with data security and privacy regulations, and the need to quickly and simply feed crucial digital initiatives with the right data is slowing companies down. It is also inhibiting adoption of emerging technologies, like advanced machine learning and AI, to drive deeper understanding of customer behavior. This friction is leading to an emerging data management practice called DataOps, recently recognized by Gartner as one of its new “innovation triggers” in its data management and security Hype Cycles. In a soon-to-be-released report, 451 analyst Matt Aslett found that 86 percent of IT leaders intend to implement DataOps initiatives to improve cloud migration, address security concerns and boost innovation. 

“In a world where the fast eat the slow, every single industry is in a race to develop and monetize digitally-enabled services in the market faster and faster each day,” said Delphix CEO Chris Cook. “Monika and Sanjeev bring with them decades of experiences in building brands and categories. They will be integral to Delphix as we enter the next phase of our journey and take our DataOps platform to more enterprises around the world.” 

Bringing nearly 20 years of experience in the software and SaaS space, Monika Saha joins Delphix from Zuora, where her most recent role was GM of Zuora’s RevPro product line. At Zuora, she held multiple leadership roles across sales, marketing, and product management and led a number of initiatives that propelled Zuora from an early stage Series B funded start-up through its successful IPO in 2018. She was instrumental in crafting Zuora's leading market position in Forrester’s now-established “Recurring Customer and Billing Management” and IDC’s "Subscription Relationship Management" category, each of which serves as proof points of Zuora’s evangelism of the rise of the Subscription Economy®

At Delphix, she will be responsible for shaping and influencing the company’s position in the market, spearheading the company’s global corporate and product marketing functions as well as  bringing Delphix to the largest data-driven enterprises in the world across banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other key vertical industries.

“Enterprises today are confronted with the dual challenge of accelerating digital innovation in a climate of unprecedented market disruption, while at the same time facing an increased burden of keeping up with a growing number of data security and compliance regulations”, said Monika Saha, Delphix CMO. “The intersection of these competing forces has created a strong demand for Delphix. Some of the largest brands in the world today rely on the Delphix Data Platform to accelerate the pace at which they are delivering and monetizing new services without compromising on the security and privacy standards that govern the very data that fuels their innovation and livelihood."

Sanjeev Sharma is a best-selling author of “DevOps Adoption Playbook” and joins Delphix as its first-ever Global Practice Director for Data Transformation. For the past two decades, Sanjeev worked at tech giants IBM and Rational Software as an executive and Distinguished Engineer on his way to becoming a foremost authority on the issues of digital transformation, DevOps and the cloud. In this newly-established role at Delphix, he will be tasked with helping enterprise organizations leverage data, DataOps practices and technologies to accelerate mission-critical transformation initiatives. As an early pioneer in the DevOps movement, Sharma will play a lead role in helping to define the burgeoning DataOps category and build out its ecosystem.

“We are in the midst of a massive IT shift, driven by three main forces: application modernization, cloud adoption, and AI and machine learning,” said Sanjeev Sharma, Global Practice Director for Data Transformation at Delphix. “Data sits at the core of this shift as a major bottleneck to achieving the speed and scale needed to get ahead in an increasingly digital world. DataOps is the next frontier of this IT transformation and will help more organizations around the world unlock the power of data to accelerate innovation and win in today’s modern IT landscape.”

Read more in about Sanjeev’s perspective in “Why I Joined Delphix: Opening up the Opportunity.”

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