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Leading Healthcare Insurers and Providers Leverage Delphix To Accelerate Innovation In An Age Where Data Is New Healthcare Currency

Over 30 of the world’s leading healthcare organizations—like Delta Dental of Michigan, Molina Healthcare, Alberta Blue Cross, and Trifecta—use Delphix solutions to accelerate innovation, drive growth in this $10 trillion market.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 30, 2019:  Delphix, the company helping enterprises accelerate innovation through DataOps, today announced a major milestone for the company with the growing usage of the platform by leading healthcare organizations. Over 30 of the world’s most dynamic healthcare companies now use Delphix to deliver rapid and secure access to data to enable accelerated innovation and better experiences for their customers. The Delphix Dynamic Platform provides rapid data provisioning, secure data masking, and self-service data access while helping companies stay compliant with HIPAA and meet other sweeping data privacy regulations.

Shifting Consumer Demands, New Funding Models, Heavy Compliance Burdens and Legacy Technology Stifle Innovation

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Healthcare Outlook, enhancing the patient experience through transformational technologies is a top priority for leading healthcare providers. With rising consumer demands, the emergence of personalized medicine, and revamped payment and public funding models, the healthcare industry is at an inflection point for massive digital disruption. 

At the same time, the challenge of managing, securing and providing access to large volumes of patient data threatens to stifle innovation. Strict privacy laws such as HIPAA compound this issue even more and make it nearly impossible to innovate at the speed needed to remain competitive and meet ever-changing consumer demands. However, as the pain points of data management get worse, the current solutions for delivering data to developers, testers and analysts who are tasked with creating new applications, new risk assessment models, or new patient experiences simply aren’t cutting it. Without the right solutions:

  • Application development teams must wait days or even weeks to access data that supports continuous integration testing and continuous delivery;
  • Data analysts and data scientists are unable to analyze or train models on the most recent and most realistic data sets;
  • Compliance teams struggle to ensure that non-production data is as secure and compliant as production data.

Delphix Enables Healthcare Companies To Embrace Continuous Innovation

Delphix is the only comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery, without sacrificing security. 

With Delphix, healthcare companies can:

  • Accelerate application releases by provisioning personal data environments for development and testing in minutes. This gives developers self-serve access and control over personal data environments.
  • Facilitate disruptive technologies by securely moving data and applications to the cloud. Enterprises have the ability to quickly provision high-quality data environments for AI/ML, implement value-based care analysis, and healthcare analytics;
  • Protect patient information by automatically identifying PII and PHI. Delphix helps to ensure that sensitive data is masked and meets compliance with HIPAA or other data privacy mandates.

“As the world quickly shifts toward digital, the healthcare industry is experiencing a profound and wide-sweeping disruption. Our customers have the unique challenge of needing to innovate quickly in order to stay competitive while also managing heavily regulated, sensitive personal information,” said Chris Cook, Delphix CEO. “Delphix for Healthcare goes beyond the baseline needs of security and data management through rapid provisioning and self-service controls that fuel faster, smarter development—enabling organizations to deliver increasingly advanced solutions to their patients.”

“The combination of Delphix and AWS gives us the agility we need to succeed in today’s application-driven economy. By easily and securely moving data to the cloud, we’re able to release new features to the market faster, while also lowering cost and risk,” said Shan Swaminathan, VP of Application Delivery and DevOps at leading dental benefits company Dentegra in this new eBook entitled, “Real Results: Modernizing Data Delivery and Security for Healthcare.” 

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About Delphix
Delphix is the pioneer in programmable data infrastructure. Delphix automates the biggest constraint in digital transformation programs—the data. Cloud, CI/CD, and AI/ML all have a voracious appetite for data and development environments. With our multi-cloud data platform, enterprises can adopt cloud 30% faster, release software 50% faster, and access 90% more data for AI/ML, while protecting personal data privacy and maintaining compliance with GDPR, CCPA, CPRAHIPAA, PCI DSS, etc. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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