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PAYBAY Adopts DataOps Strategy to Deliver Better Software, Faster

Top European financial services organisation looks to Delphix to empower developers with self-service access to data to speed up customer onboarding, slash application development times and drive better business decision making.

ROME, Italy,  and REDWOOD CITY, Calif. August 1, 2018 - Paybay, the Italian IT service provider, today reports a dramatic speed increase across its IT transformation project since working with Delphix. Delphix and its DataOps platform helps PayBay’s developers and analysts ensure this fast access to the latest business data in order to ensure the company maintains pace in the market.  

Paybay is the IT epicenter of the QUI! Group - Italy's leading supplier of vouchers, payment systems and loyalty programmes. Paybay provides the foundation that enables the QUI! Group to support over 40 concurrently running mission critical applications.  Following an explosive growth in data size and complexity, Paybay found itself unable to achieve the speed necessary to keep up with the changing market landscape. To tackle this, in 2016, they embarked on an IT transformation journey aimed at helping its teams build better software, faster and more securely. 

For Paybay, data is the key to speed

Data is the key to speed, the lever that helps companies build and deliver software at the pace needed to keep up with changing consumer demands. Paybay entrusted Delphix to provide a self-service data platform to accelerate workflows for developers and business analysts, enabling data to flow freely, securely, and at a lower cost - on premise or across cloud. 

Access to fast, secure data using Delphix has brought with it many benefits: :

  • Software release cycles moved from monthly to weekly;
  • Products delivered to market 30% quicker;
  • 25 static environments turned into 35 elastic, on-demand environments;
  • Environment provisioning cut from days to just hours;
  • Database refresh in minutes, not hours and;
  • Over 1000 application changes now served a year.

Through the self-service features of Delphix, Paybay expects to further increase its agility and meet their goal of doubling the speed of project delivery. 

More data, more insights

As well as transforming its software development process, Paybay has also used Delphix to provide data for its business analytics systems. 

“All our services are data driven. Delphix provides us faster access to data, meaning we can make better business decisions when designing and updating our products and applications,” said Antonio de Donato, Head of Digital Enterprise Architecture for QUI! Group SpA. 

In addition, by making Delphix the key source of data for their analytics systems, core database and storage infrastructure is relieved of excess pressure. Through the self-service features of Delphix, Paybay expects to become more agile  and  be able to leverage better analytics to improve  its business function. 

More speed, less risk

At its core, the Paybay transformation project is anchored around risk and compliance. By deploying the data masking component of the Delphix platform, IT will be able to guarantee personal data is protected, thus ensuring compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requirements. However, the benefits  go far beyond security, as the Delphix platform integrates data security into data delivery to ensure speed and peace of mind. 

This is just the beginning...

Paybay’s transformation journey is far from over. The company is currently implementing real-time analytics, application streaming, machine learning for fraud detection and the migration of core applications to the cloud. 

“Data can make or break a digital transformation project. Delphix not only reduces our risk of failure, but accelerates our business and empowers our organisation to make better decisions. Our goal is to be a digital business, run by data driven services. Delphix gets us there faster,” said Antonio de Donato, Head of Digital Enterprise Architectures, QUI! Group.

“Paybay is a long standing  customer and continually finds new ways to use the personal data environments in our DataOps platform. IT transformation is a never ending journey, and we’re excited to see where our partnership with Paybay will go in the future,” said Mauro Trione, Regional Vice President Southern EMEA.

About Delphix

Delphix's mission is to free companies from data friction and accelerate innovation. Fortune 100 companies use the Delphix Data Platform to connect, virtualize, secure and manage data in the cloud and in on-premise environments. For more information visit

About Paybay

Paybay plays a leading role in the digital Market, in particular, in the mobile payment & digital services industries. Paybay has a complete expertise in digital money, loyalty, e-ticketing and couponing.

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