How Data Virtualization Works

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Delphix makes it easier to collect, control, and consume data on-demand. The Delphix Virtualization Engine is software that installs as a virtual machine on any supported hypervisor and can therefore run on your existing server and storage hardware.

How data virtualization works


Compress data from any source into a single, smaller copy

Delphix connects to a source system using standard APIs, such as RMAN for Oracle, and creates a one-time compressed copy of the data. For instance, the initial copy of a 10 TB Oracle database would become 3 TB upon ingestion into Delphix. Other source systems that Delphix virtualizes include databases such as SQL Server and DB2 and file systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite.

Delphix Compresses Data

Record every change. Reconstruct any point in time.

After the initial load, Delphix non-disruptively remains synchronized with the source system, essentially creating a data time machine. For instance, after an Oracle database is ingested into the Delphix Virtualization Engine, all changes are captured via incremental RMAN backups and redo log collection. Since Delphix captures only unique changed data, storage required is minimal.

Sometimes seeing is believing
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Masks Sensitive Data

Automatically mask sensitive data

Delphix can data mask in source databases and file systems. First, Delphix profiles sensitive data and metadata across sources. Then, masking algorithms can be automatically assigned and executed to protect sensitive data at risk. Finally, administrators can audit masked data through risk assessment reports and vulnerability alerts.

Replicate data in any location

Delphix supports two-way data replication between engines running in any location. For instance, a Delphix Data Virtualization Engine running on-premise can be continuously backed up to a secondary engine running in the cloud. In the event of a system failure, data can be quickly replicated from the cloud back on-premise to ensure high availability. In addition, Delphix can mask sensitive data before it is replicated to the cloud.


Instantly provision virtual copies

Virtual data can be provisioned to any point in time in minutes. Virtual copies run on any target host server where physical environments run today and occupy less than a tenth of the storage space. Administrators can update, manage, and configure policies for virtual copies through the central interface, ensuring that the right data is available to right teams as needed.

Provisions Virtual Copies

Easily version data like code

After a virtual copy has been created, all changes made to that copy are also stored. End users can quickly rewind changes to the application data or refresh from the source copy via self-service. All data management operations can be carried out from a separate, intuitive UI portal designed specifically with end users in mind.