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Gartner: Next-Generation Test Data Management

A new model for delivering the right test data, to the right teams, at the right time

Looking to streamline processes across development, test, and operations teams with more efficient Test Data Management (TDM)? Don't let antiquated technology and complex processes stand in the way of fast access to high-quality test data.

Next-generation TDM transforms how businesses deploy testing environments and the way teams work within them, providing both greater flexibility and increased efficiency.

Featuring new and exclusive research from Gartner, this report discusses:

  • How to determine the right number of nonproduction environments needed for application testing.
  • Why businesses are moving beyond legacy TDM solutions.
  • Key capabilities that next-generation TDM solutions offer to development and testing teams.
How Data Virtualization Works

Learn more about the technical details of data virtualization and how Delphix integrates seamlessly within your company's IT infastructure.

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