Analyst Report

Gleanster: The State of DevOps

DevOps is a dynamic, rapidly evolving space--and a clear understanding of DevOps is vital to keeping application development projects competitive within the organization. How have the most successful organizations invested in the DevOps approach? How do organizations measure the effectiveness of DevOps in the enterprise?

In 2015, Gleanster Research (in collaboration with Delphix) conducted an extensive online survey spanning 2,000+ IT practitioners from around the world to understand DevOps best practices and success metrics. Instead of outlining a subjective vision for DevOps, leaders and the trend-setters were asked to share what worked and what didn't for their organizations.

Download the detailed report to access full survey data and learn about the best practices, challenges, and solutions that shape the DevOps world. With robust quantitative data analysis on DevOps drives and efficacy measurements, this report shares a global perspective on the evolution of DevOps, and provides a benchmark for success. Learn more about how the most successful organizations have invested in DevOps from people and process to tools and technology.