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Vertex Case Study

Releases new features and enhancements faster with Delphix

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"With Delphix, we can spin up test environments in a fraction of the time and cost, which has enabled us to be more agile and derive more value from our applications and systems."

Chris Kohl - CIO, Vertex Inc.

Vertex Increases ERP Project Velocity


Vertex, Inc. is the leading provider of comprehensive, integrated tax technology solutions for corporations worldwide. Through partnerships with leading ERP software providers, Vertex provides a unified Tax Performance Management platform that combines all the data, tax applications, and analytics needed to manage income, transaction, and other critical tax activities on a global scale.


As a global provider of corporate tax solutions, Vertex must maintain a robust and agile back-office in order to quickly respond to changing business requirements. Yet the company faced a major challenge updating its ERP systems. Due to the time to create and reset large ERP datasets, Vertex was facing greater pressure to keep up with steadily increasing internal demands for new features and enhancements.

  • Each refresh of an ERP environment took up to 16 hours of manual effort. Vertex had to limit how frequently they refreshed environments, confining application development teams to a single dataset per month and impacting test quality.
  • Due to the difficulty of reversing patches, tests would often be run against an inconsistent version of the application, increasing the risk of errors in production. In cases where a test failed, restoring backups could take an extended period of time, causing further project delays.
  • Project teams were running low on infrastructure capacity, making it difficult to support additional environments and ongoing projects.

Vertex needed a solution that would not only help their IT teams respond faster to changing business requirements, but also enable the company to streamline ERP refreshes and put more development cycles into its key commercial products, such as Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series® and Vertex® Enterprise.

"We increased the velocity of our internal testing cycles—not only how quickly they went, but also the number we could complete in a defined period of time. As a result, we can introduce new capabilities to our business much faster than we were able to before."
- Chris Kohl, CIO, Vertex Inc


Today, Vertex uses Delphix to manage and provision data into all of its non-production ERP environments. Delphix has enabled the company to realize the following key benefits:

  • Fully-automated environment provisioning. Vertex has reduced the time to provision an entire ERP environment--including both the database and application tiers--to just 30 minutes. Beyond automating the provisioning process, application development teams can now access the latest production data on-demand, enabling them to test and release higher-quality code.
  • Integrated data protection. Beyond creating datasets for testing, Delphix automated the process of backing up data and restoring non-production environments, helping operations and development teams work more effectively. For example, development teams can now rewind to any point in time and access snapshots from up to two weeks ago in just minutes.
  • Infrastructure consolidation. With Delphix, Vertex is provisioning three ERP environments in the space of one. As a result, developers have more flexibility to spin up project environments without increasing storage or administrative costs.


Partnering with Delphix has allowed Vertex to better support internal users of its ERP software by increasing project velocity, quality, and throughput:

  • The implementation of Delphix took just a few weeks and began delivering results immediately thereafter.
  • In addition to reducing storage costs, Vertex realized significant savings from improvements in productivity of development and operations teams.
  • With Delphix, Vertex can now run more databases on the same server without any major impact on performance, enhancing the company's ability to scale out environments to support incremental project demands.
  • Delphix has far exceeded Vertex's requirements as a data backup solution. For example, the company can now keep track of changes down to the minute by non-disruptively syncing with production, which would not have been possible before due to limited batch job windows.

Vertex is now looking to expand its usage of Delphix beyond its ERP systems. The company is considering using Delphix to create self-service containers to support internal product development, mask sensitive data that is migrated from a customer site to an internal data center for production support, and virtualize sales demo environments operating in the cloud.

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