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Achieving Faster Access to Secure Data In a DataOps Environment with 451 Research

With a DataOps platform, operators, like SREs with DevOps, have a platform in which the data consumers can now have self-service access to data and can operate at a much, much faster rate.

How to Surf the Open Banking Tsunami

Slash "time-to-compliance" with regulations such as PSD2 and PSD2-SCA by speeding up essential transaction-data sharing projects. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Secure Data Mobility: Myths, Methods, and Multi-cloud

Watch this webinar to find out how you can leverage compliant, lightweight virtual databases for secure cloud-to-cloud data mobility.

Construyendo una Zona de Ciber Resiliencia

Descubra cómo crear una zona de prueba de resistencia cibernética que permita la detección más temprana de violaciones de la integridad de los datos.