Why Test Data Management is Key to Your Competitive Advantage

Every company is in a race to innovate, but far too often, data is the bottleneck that keeps application and project teams from delivering value at a competitive pace. According to a recent TechWell survey, for instance, nearly two-thirds of respondents said it takes too long to access test data. Yesterday's systems and processes can't keep up.

With a proper test data management (TDM) strategy, businesses can remove data as a constraint and accelerate their application projects. View this webinar to learn how advanced IT teams are taking a new approach to TDM to meet the needs of today's development and testing teams in order to unleash innovation at speed. You'll learn how to:

  • Hit industry benchmarks for TDM in terms of speed, quality, security, and cost efficiency
  • Become an advanced TDM team in order to outperform your peers
  • Leverage TDM to boost your DevOps, automation, and cloud efforts

Guest Speaker: Bhavani Kodali - Fannie Mae