White Paper

To Mask or Not to Mask: Why We Don't Mask Our Data

This paper delves into the reasons why customers don't mask their critical data, and what steps you can take to make sure you mask any data leaving your production silo.

Oracle database security expert, Pete Finnigan, takes a first person perspective on how to use masking to secure non-production data.

Pete covers in this white paper:

  • Why organizations do not mask their data
  • How to implement a successful data masking project
  • How to use Delphix to identify data that needs to be masked, apply the right algorithms, setup masking rules, and define user levels and access

About the Delphix Expert Series: The Delphix Experts' Series explores the technology issues that technical and business decision makers face when they're evaluating and deploying enterprise software solutions. Our experts are subject matter authorities on a wide range of topics, including data security, regulatory and legal issues, implementation, and best practices. Papers in this series reflect their unique perspectives.