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Data Company Conference

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from the most inspiring speakers and gain valuable insights on how to build and execute a world-class data strategy.

Covid-19 Has Proven to be a Stress Test for the Insurance Industry. Data is Your Best Defense

A modern insurance software combined with an automated data platform ensures a faster, more efficient experience for customers, brokers, and agents. Read about how one California-based insurance organization reconciles 100% of claims within 45 days with Guidewire and a data automation platform.

Data Can Make Digital Transformation a Reality for P&C Insurers

For every digital initiative, there are hundreds and thousands of data operations that need to be managed. Read how a data platform accelerates P&C digital transformation.
Solution Brief

Continuous Protection against Cyber and Ransomware Attacks

Delphix provides continuous data protection with the ability to recover data from any point in time.