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Analyst Report

Building a Zero Trust Architecture for DevOps Environments

Data breaches are becoming more common in non-production environments, which make up as much as 80% of the potential attack surface. Read this report to learn more about implementing zero trust for DevOps data.

Modernizing Mainframe Application Development

We surveyed 100 IT leaders who are modernizing their mainframe application development to better understand their challenges, goals, and results.

The Impact of Poor Ransomware Preparedness

Survey of 100 executives found that 99% use backup but most have been impacted by ransomware, experienced data loss and theft and suffered downtime at a heavy cost.

Building a Zero Trust DevOps Architecture

Watch the webinar to discover the building blocks of a zero-trust architecture for non-production databases used for development, testing, and analytics—which often represent an enterprises’ largest and least secure data environments.