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Data Sheet

Delphix Extensibililty SDK Datasheet

The Delphix Virtualization SDK expands support for data sources even further by enabling organizations to build their own plugins.

Evanta CIO Summit - Houston

Through collaboration with our peers, this conference enables us to take advantage of the power of exponential thought. At this meeting, we share best practices and develop leadership skills that enhance our organizations' ability to impact the local and global business climate.

Why Self-Service is the Key to Speeding Up Software Development

Empower your employees by removing the obstacles that slow down data access.

Episode 3: Building Software with a Modern Data Strategy

The hallmarks of a data company means enterprise data teams can turn data into insights, leading to more opportunity and innovation. In our third episode, host Sanjeev Sharma sits down with IBM Distinguished Engineer Andrea Crawford to talk about making data a core competency, modern software delivery techniques, and why data since is a hot space and career path to be in today.