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Covid-19 and Beyond: Is Your Data Security Strategy Based in Fact—Or Myth?

As the majority of enterprise employees work from home to help slow the spread of Covid-19, it brings new data security challenges. Learn the truth behind the most common enterprise data security myths—and what you actually need to know to handle sensitive data with confidence, whether you’re home or in the office.
Case Study

CSU Delivers a Digital Campus Experience While Saving Millions of Dollars

Delphix and AWS enable Cal State University to bring new AI-driven digital experiences to half a million students across 23 campuses

Delphix Partner Spotlight on Alithya

For more than two decades, Alithya has provided expertise and innovative solutions in software development, modernization, and quality assurance. We spoke with Vice President of Business Development Michel Lacasse about the company's extensive work in modernizing the financial services and insurance industries.

How to Stay Connected as a Distributed Team: 7 Tried-and-True Tips for Remote Working

With all the technology available today, it’s still possible to build a dynamic workforce that crosses continents, time zones, and language barriers. Our seasoned team of remote employees around the world share their top tips on how to navigate this new normal.