Win a $5000 Scholarship

At Delphix we care about diversity because we believe diverse teams build better products. We also believe that enabling people to do their best work, regardless of their background,
is the right thing to do.

We created this coding competition to help people from under-represented groups get technical degrees, but also to give you an excuse to build something great!

We're looking for well-engineered programs that do something interesting. You're welcome to submit an existing project if you have one, but if not we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to explore a new technology you're interested in, build something useful that solves a problem, or make something cool that just happens to use code.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.

The scholarship application for the 2017-2018 school year is now closed.

Scholarship Requirements

The winner receives $5,000 to be used toward tuition.




Applicants must identify as a minority group, such as

  • - People who identify as female
  • - African American
  • - Hispanic or Latino
  • - Native Americans or Alaskans
  • - Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders
  • - Asian American

Applicants must be students enrolled in college full-time, pursuing a technical degree, in the academic year in which scholarship is awarded.


Agree to your name, image, and other details being used for promotional purposes.


Submission Requirements

– You must submit your source code including supporting files and a demo video. If you do not have a demo, please include instructions on how to run your program. If we cannot run your program and you didn't provide a demo, we will contact you.

– We welcome school and/or group projects, but it is best to submit something that shows off as much of your code as possible and clearly distinguishes the code you wrote from code contributed by your teachers or others on the project. Due to IP laws, you shouldn't submit code developed as part of paid work or code you do not have the rights to.


Are there any requirements about the kind of software I can submit?

No, you are welcome to submit a program written in any language. It can be something that runs on a laptop, server or mobile device. As long as it is a software-only program, it is acceptable (we think it is cool if you are developing software for a robot, but we don't feel qualified to judge it). Your program can solve any type of problem that you find interesting: practical, research-based, etc.

What suggestions do you have about the type of software I should submit?

The Delphix engineering team embraces the idea of the holistic engineer, who needs to consider the whole system and the whole body of work that makes a product successful. When you are trying to decide what to submit for the contest, think about programs that embody some of these ideals:

  • • Providing an end-to-end solution that solves a specific problem for a target user (e.g., you)
  • • A well-considered design for solving the problem
  • • Solid implementation that makes it easy to use and is considerate of other developers who may change it over time
  • • Sufficient testing and (if needed) providing tests for others to run if they modify the source for their own purposes
  • • Providing documentation for other developers and users (as appropriate)
  • • Promoting your work to the appropriate audiences
  • • Collaboration with others

We don't expect your program to have all of the attributes above, but these are the kinds of things we strive for in our own software, and will look for in submissions.

How will winners be selected?

All valid entries will be reviewed by the Delphix engineering team, and they will vote on which program they think best represents our values as an engineering organization (see previous question).

Who has the right to my source code/program?

You retain all rights to your software and source code. By the same token, you can only submit code that you wrote and have the rights to.

What kinds of promotional activities are there likely to be?

We will definitely want to tell the world about your great program, so you should expect:

  • • Press release with a quote from you
  • • Posts on social media: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, etc.
  • • Details including your name, image, and any videos posted on our company website
  • • Press interviews

Some other activities may crop up, but this gives you a flavor for the promotional activities we have in mind.

How do I know my application was submitted successfully?

You will be taken to a confirmation page once your application is accepted and you will also receive a confirmation email with a copy of your responses. If you are taken to a blank application form after hitting submit, your application did not go through. A likely reason is that your uploaded zip file exceeds the allowed limit (50MB). If you are not sure, feel free to send email to or resubmit your application.

I still have more questions. Who can answer them?

Send email to with any questions or issues.