Solution Brief

Removing Data Access Roadblocks for Developers and QA When Using Exadata

Learn how to maximize Developers and QA teams access to data in your production environment to speed up SDLC and improve the software quality.

Recent surveys have repeatedly shown that new application development and data privacy are two top drivers of their spending among Fortune 1000 CIOs. Rolling out apps more quickly enables the business to exploit new opportunities and reach new market segments. Subsequently cutting data underlying infrastructure storage sprawl not only saves costs but also cuts provisioning and configuration processes that delay app deployment.

Oracle’s recommended solution for database and storage consolidation is Exadata, the “database machine” that combines DBMS software and hardware with specialized storage systems tuned for relational database management. Learn how to overcome following challenges with Exadata and still accelerate your Software Development lifecycle.

  1. Limited Virtualization

  2. Limited Masking

  3. Extra Cost for Redundant Copies

  4. Limited Change and Migration Management

  5. Limited benefits of cloud-driven SDLC