Solution Brief

Accelerate and Simplify SAP Projects

Let Delphix help you build a truly agile SAP infrastructure by eliminating the data bottlenecks that stall your most important projects.

Improve business velocity with the Delphix DevOps Data Platform

Delphix helps SAP projects move faster by transforming how companies manage data across the software development lifecycle. The DevOps Data Platform installs on-premise or in a cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure and bridges the gap between people and data through five key steps:

  • Connect: Non-disruptively collect data from databases underlying SAP applications such as ECC or BW, with support for sources including SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2, ASE, or SQL Server. After compressing this data, the platform stays synchronized with sources by recording incremental changes.

  • Virtualize: Through intelligent data block sharing, create virtual copies of the sources that are fully readable/writeable, portable, and that consume 90% less storage.

  • Secure: Identify sensitive data and automatically apply data masking or tokenization—with the flexibility to define custom algorithms—to anonymize PII and confidential information in copies.

  • Manage: Quickly provision virtual data copies to development, testing, training, sandbox, and reporting environments with functionality to audit, monitor, and report against access and usage.

  • API Controls: Give SAP teams unprecedented ability to control virtual data copies: synchronize data from SAP and non-SAP sources to the same point in time for integration testing; instantly rewind data after administering a training module or following destructive testing; quickly switch between data copies deployed to a single target to increase environment utilization.