Solution Brief

SAP Data Security Brief:
Data Masking in the GDPR Era

For enterprises running SAP, the data security challenge has never been more pressing. Many non-production SAP instances still aren’t masked or anonymized, due to the time, cost, and complexity required. And in the era of GDPR, that creates a minefield of penalties and material risk. Organizations can no longer trade-off security for time-to-market. It’s no wonder that technologies that help secure and govern SAP data are set to grow 8X in the next few years.

If you’re struggling with where, and how to start, then this solution brief is for you. You’ll learn:

  •  • What GDPR means for data masking policies and non-production SAP instances
  •  • The current state of typical SAP data masking processes
  •  • Eight technology enablers to improve data masking integrity and data refresh cycles