Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Harness the full power of the cloud.

The Problem:

Migrating to AWS creates challenges in maintaining compliance, data security, and support for legacy applications, as well as ensuring that efficiency and ongoing costs meet expectations.

The Solution:

Delphix helps organizations accelerate AWS projects and operate more efficiently in AWS with enhanced security, superior data management and agility, and lower operating costs.

Delphix for Amazon Web Services

Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes data in databases, application files, and file systems and makes it readily accessible to end users. Delphix supports a wide range of deployment options for hybrid and born-in-the-cloud environments and provides a full set of APIs for integration with orchestration and DevOps tools. The Delphix Engine runs as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and supports multiple EC2 instances and AWS regions, including AWS GovCloud.

How Delphix Works with AWS

Maintain compliance for securing data in the cloud

Many organizations — especially in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and government — cannot justify the risk of having sensitive data residing in a public cloud.

Delphix delivers in-line data masking to ensure that sensitive information is never sent to AWS without first being masked, eliminating the risk of the data being compromised while in the cloud.

Secure AWS Data
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Data Agility

Gain greater agility with your data

While public clouds offer infrastructure-layer agility such as elastic storage and compute, the rigid data tier often limits the benefits of the cloud.

With Delphix, organizations can provision full environments in minutes, and easily refresh, rewind, and archive entire environments.

Migrate faster with lower costs

Even with the benefits of using AWS, large data environments may still be costly, and the time it takes to test and execute a migration project can further diminish potential savings.

Because it creates a smaller, more efficient, virtual data environment, Delphix can reduce monthly costs for AWS compute, storage, IOPS, and licensing by up to 50%. And using Delphix to create parallel virtual environments, IT teams can accelerate migration projects by performing more thorough testing in a shorter period of time.

Lower AWS Costs
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