Delphix for Amazon Web Services

Accelerate cloud projects in Amazon Web Services.

The Problem:

Data is an anchoring force in the journey to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many IT organizations struggle to migrate to AWS, set up hybrid architectures, and fully leverage the benefits of AWS due to challenges with data agility, security, and costs.

The Solution:

Delphix transforms the way in which organizations manage data for AWS projects, enabling them to accelerate migrations, enable hybrid, and unlock more value from AWS.

Delphix for Cloud

Delphix is a software-only solution that creates a fast, secure conduit to migrate, secure, and provision data between data centers and clouds. Running as a virtual machine, Delphix synchronizes with databases, files, and file systems on-premise and enables automatic, rapid provisioning of data to any point in time. Instead of migrating full volumes of data to hybrid cloud environments in the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Delphix replicates only changed data--thereby enabling continuous updates while significantly reducing the costs of data transfer. By providing self service and APIs for integration with DevOps tools, Delphix further enables development teams to take full advantage of the benefits of elasticity and deployment flexibility in the cloud.

How Delphix Works with AWS

Improve security and governance

Due to the breakdown of traditional security perimeters, migrating sensitive data to AWS exposes organizations to the risk of a breach or falling out of compliance with data privacy regulations.

As a certified masking solution in the AWS marketplace, Delphix profiles and masks sensitive data before it is migrated outside of a production zone, reducing risk throughout the life of your cloud projects. Delphix can also mask Oracle and SQL Server RDS instances.

Secure AWS Data
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Data Agility

Accelerate AWS migrations

Migrating applications to AWS can be costly and complex, often involving multiple testing iterations and expensive temporary staging environments to prepare for go-live.

Delphix reduces the time and cost of setting up staging environments for cloud migrations. Data can be quickly provisioned and recovered to any point in time, thereby removing delays and minimizing the risk of disruption during final cutover.

"Delphix helped us migrate from on-premise to the cloud very easily and in a timely manner. The ability to quickly provision clones has also greatly improved our development cycles."
- Daniel Stolf, Database Administrator at Stelo SA

Enable hybrid cloud

Due to the high costs of transferring large volumes from on-premise to the cloud, data often becomes out-dated in hybrid cloud environments, impacting the quality of releases.

Delphix efficiently and automatically synchronizes data between AWS and on-premise environments using a fraction of the network bandwidth. As a result, development and testing teams can access high-quality production data on-demand without driving up costs.

Reduce operating costs in AWS

Storage costs and the time to provision data can restrict application teams from accessing environments when needed, and as a result, prevent teams from releasing applications quickly.

Delphix reduces the size of development and test environments, enabling organizations to create a far greater number of environments in the cloud while still reducing storage costs. Data can be quickly provisioned via self service, improving developer productivity.