Application Development

Accelerate your application development projects with Delphix.

The Problem:

Businesses must accelerate application projects to keep pace with customer demands. But slow delivery of data to developers, testers, and DevOps engineers bottlenecks application development and deployment, putting the business at great risk.

The Solution:

Delphix instantly delivers data to application development teams on demand, helping them quickly stand up, refresh, share, and tear down development and test environments.

Delphix for Application Development

Running as a virtual machine on any server, cloud, or storage, Delphix connects to a production data source and maintains an updated, versioned copy of that source. When a developer or tester needs access to data, Delphix automatically provides a read-writeable copy that can be spun up in minutes, eliminating dependencies on slow ticketing systems to deliver data. This copy can be refreshed in minutes and deployed at scale to enable automated testing at any point in the development cadence. Additionally, it can be instantly reset, enabling the execution of tests on clean data, and increasing the number and quality of test runs.

Application Development with and without Delphix

Kick off projects faster

Slow legacy processes for delivering environment data delay provisioning and stall development projects before they begin.

By delivering virtual data to application teams up to 100x faster than legacy processes, Delphix reduces spin-up time from months to minutes, enabling application teams to better serve business needs.

Delphix Makes Application Development Faster
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Efficient Application Development

Test more effectively

Without full, current production data, testing misses edge cases and serious bugs, and so software ships at lower quality. Because legacy methods can't deliver full production data efficiently, test teams often resort to subsetting data, creating synthetic data, or using out-of-date copies of production data.

Delphix delivers full, masked production copies of data in minutes, improving the speed of testing. Testing then "shifts left" in the development timeline, so development and testing teams find bugs earlier and fix them more easily, improving both delivery schedules and code quality.

Keep production data secure

Developers and testers need full copies of production data, but that data usually contains sensitive information that must be protected to satisfy regulations and business policies.

Delphix is the only solution that seamlessly integrates data masking with data virtualization. This combination allows businesses to automatically mask and deliver production data, enabling security and regulatory compliance while accelerating the software development lifecycle.

Align data and code for project parallelization

IT organizations struggle to supply separate data environments for each project line under development. This leaves developers stuck drawing on limited communal resources, which are never fully suited to the project's particular needs.

With Delphix, each developer can have the data that their project needs. Furthermore, with Delphix agility, it's easy to spin up and tear down these environments, so that teams can switch between projects as easily as they can work in parallel.

Maintain consistency from beginning to end

As projects move through the development life cycle or pass from one team to another, each handoff requires time to align disparate environments, slowing down the delivery schedule.

Delphix enables teams to easily share their virtual data environment states and even promote them back to a physical state, so that pre-production, testing, and production proceed smoothly and consistently.

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