Delphix for Application Rationalization

Give teams the right data for app retirement, consolidation, and modernization.


Application Rationalization Is Critical to Digital Transformation

As enterprises are building new software to drive transformation, they’re often rationalizing legacy apps in parallel. Some are retired and archived, while others are replaced through new development. With M&A, redundant functionality across apps must be integrated and consolidated.

Rationalization Drives Key Data Challenges

  • Non-disruptive access

    Project teams need access to data environments without disrupting ongoing operations.

  • Managing data entanglements

    Teams must access data across interconnected apps for cleansing, mapping, and testing.

  • Compliance requirements

    Data must be protected from breach and compliant with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

  • Archive accessibility

    Businesses must retain application data for reporting and regulatory requirements.

Delphix Lets Enterprises Archive with 100X More Efficiency

Application archival has many challenges, including cost and complexity, preserving data history, and enabling analysis of historical data. Delphix lets enterprises archive with 100x more efficiency, then recover apps in minutes whenever needed.

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    Data preservation

    Record a full, fine-grained data history and preserve it in an immutable structure, consuming a fraction of the storage.

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    Native format

    Preserve data in its original block format so that the same applications and systems can access it with no change.

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    Virtual environments

    Spin up multiple, lightweight sandbox environments to access archived apps and data from past points in time.

Transform Data to Transform Application Consolidation

Consolidation involves migrating data from source systems, validating functionality in consolidated versions, and testing interoperability with a full app landscape. Delphix automates slow, manual processes for delivering data to eliminate bottlenecks throughout consolidation.

Automate Complex Data Operations for Consolidation

Source application ingestion

Load application and data sources from the original apps, continuously pull changes, and store 100x more efficiently.


Application archival

Preserve the un-merged applications including data history, to enable reporting, compliance checks, and even roll-back in case of consolidation conundrums.


Data masking

Anonymize sensitive data for the (often outsourced) teams that are testing and validating the new consolidated applications.


Virtual data environments

Deliver virtual data environments, in minutes instead of days, for staging, data conversion, functional testing, integration, and cutover rehearsal.


Parallel environments

Unblock consolidation teams working on different apps or consolidation processes to work across parallel, instead of serial, test environments.


Modernize Legacy Applications in 30% Less Time

For systems that enterprises slate for modernization, Delphix automates compliant data to accelerate everything from app replatforming to app migration as part of an overall modernization effort.

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