Delphix for CCPA

January 2020: Get Ready For The Next Wave of Data Privacy Laws
Solution Brief

Accelerate and Simplify Compliance with CCPA

Achieving compliance with CCPA is a multifaceted undertaking. Both technologies and processes must be brought to bear to effectively protect the privacy of personal data across the full enterprise. The Delphix Data Platform can play a pivotal role in helping businesses:

• Identify and assess the data environments impacted by the regulation.
• Define and implement policy to protect personal data.
• Control who has access to what data, when, and where.
• Collectively, these capabilities accelerate and simplify compliance with CCPA.

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California Consumer Privacy Act Infographic

Find out if you need to comply with CCPA, what types of data are covered by the regulation, and key steps toward compliance.
White Paper

Data Masking with the Delphix Data Platform

Discover the technology inside the Delphix Data Platform that lets businesses automatically identify and protect sensitive data.