Cloud Migration

Virtual data enables seamless cloud migration.

The Problem:

To increase agility and control IT infrastructure costs, many organizations today are migrating to cloud environments. But the rigid data tier under applications often slows cloud migration projects and complicates hybrid architectures, limiting the potential benefits of the cloud.

The Solution:

Delphix uses efficient, virtual copies of your data to accelerate cloud migrations and help you get more out of the cloud once you're there, including stronger security and faster, less costly operations.

Delphix for the Cloud

Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes data in databases, file systems, and applications and makes up-to-date copies readily accessible for cloud migration testing, hybrid application development, archiving, reporting, troubleshooting, and other purposes, without needing to duplicate or move data. Delphix also provides integrated data masking to eliminate sensitive data from cloud environments, and reduce infrastructure requirements to help IT projects move more quickly and cost-effectively.

Cloud Migration Diagram

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly

Testing and validation for cloud migrations can be costly and can stretch resources, causing downtime for other business operations. And migration projects are often postponed or canceled because of pushback from business units.

Delphix eliminates dependencies between migration teams and production teams, enabling cloud migrations to move up to 80% faster, with minimal disruption or downtime during the cutover.

Migrate to the Cloud Seamlessly
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Delphix Cloud Migration: Reduce Data Risk by 90%

Reduction in data risk

Improve security and governance

Migrating sensitive data to a public cloud can limit visibility and control over data security, jeopardizing the organization's reputation and regulatory compliance in the event of a breach.

Before sending any data to the cloud, Delphix secures it using in-line data masking. This protection can reduce an organization's threat surface area by 90% or more, eliminating all sensitive data in the cloud and helping address security-related objections to cloud projects.

"Delphix helped us migrate from on-premise AIX to Linux in the cloud very easily and in a timely manner. Also, the ability to quickly provision clones has greatly improved our development cycles."
- Daniel Stolf - Database Administrator at Stelo SA*

Gain control of cloud operating costs

Environments "born in the cloud" or already migrated to cloud platforms can demand an increasingly larger operating expense.

Delphix can help organizations save up to 50% on monthly IaaS and licensing costs by: Reducing storage requirements for application copies; Using continuous data protection to eliminate the cost of backups; and Increasing utilization with shared IOPS.

Delphix Cloud Migration: Decrease Operating Costs by 50%

Decreased operating costs

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*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers