Identify, Mask, and Govern Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

Discover how Delphix boosts data privacy and compliance across any app on any cloud.

At Delphix, we understand the challenge of finding and safeguarding sensitive data sprawled across a continually growing number of environments for dev/test, analytics, and other operational needs.

With Delphix, you can:

Automate data profiling

Delphix identifies sensitive information subject to data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA using pre-built and custom profiling expressions.


Mask sensitive data

Delphix masking algorithms produce realistic values while preserving referential integrity. Masked data remains fully-functional for accurate development, testing, and analysis.


Govern data centrally

Govern data environment access and use across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures—all from a single point of management.


Mitigate risk via policy

Define and apply a consistent set of compliance policies in accordance with laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Audit and report

Automatically generate compliance reports. Audit where, what, and how sensitive data is masked.


The Delphix Difference

Only Delphix provides programmable data infrastructure that integrates data delivery and data masking. With the ability to automatically find and protect sensitive data before distribution, Delphix minimizes risk and enables compliance with privacy regulations.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

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    Policy-based masking drives compliance with sweeping EU regulation

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    Centrally govern data distribution to manage access/retention of California residents’ data

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    Profiling and de-identification of patient data enables secure collaboration and risk mitigation


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