Data Masking Solutions

Delphix data masking is the most advanced data security solution available.

The Problem:

Data breaches are becoming daily occurrences. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to secure roughly 90% of their sensitive data because that data exists in development, testing, and analytics environments.

The Solution:

The Delphix data masking solution protects all your data – from insiders and outsiders alike – by automatically replacing sensitive data with a realistic, non-sensitive equivalent.

The Delphix Solution for Data Masking

Delphix Data Masking is a software solution that gives businesses everything they need to identify, secure, audit, and continuously protect confidential information. Delphix seamlessly integrates the Delphix Masking Engine with the Delphix Virtualization Engine to address the two key challenges that security-minded organizations face: masking data, and then efficiently delivering it.

Delphix Data Masking Software Solution

Data security without complexity

Traditional data masking solutions are so complex that they limit your ability to efficiently deliver data to developers, testers, or analysts. In the end, the complexity often causes many businesses to abandon efforts to implement data masking altogether.

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Data Security without Complexity
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Mask Data 10X Faster

Automatically mask data ten times faster

Delphix Data Masking is different. Because it's fully integrated, it streamlines and executes the end-to-end process of discovering sensitive data, securing it, and then verifying that all vulnerabilities have been addressed. Unlike encryption, data masking completely neutralizes risk and isn't vulnerable to identity-based attacks. Delphix masks data up to ten times faster than any other solution--and keeps data consistently masked across every source. Every user gets production-quality data, without the production risk.

"Besides saving storage space and faster app provisioning, I don’t think there’s any data masking solution as simple and complete to use as Delphix. We could implement the solution ourselves with basic Delphix support."
- Andre Nazare - IT Director at*

Accelerate application projects with fast delivery of secure data

Delphix also solves the problem of provisioning secure data to target environments. Traditional data masking solutions require repeated, lengthy batch jobs and also lack the capability to deliver data downstream--that's why they fail. In contrast, Delphix combines masking with virtual data to quickly deliver secure data anywhere it's needed: on premises or into private or public clouds. The Delphix data masking solution ensures teams can focus on application development, test data management, cloud migration, or DevOps use cases--without the slowdown caused by traditional security methods.

Delphix Data Masking vs. Other Solutions

*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers