Database Security Best Practices Call for Data Masking

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Avoid database security issues by implementing best practices with Delphix

Driven by compliance and privacy concerns, database security best practices demand that businesses take steps to protect sensitive information such as customer data, employee information, and intellectual property. What many organizations do not realize is that most of this information resides in non-production environments used for development, testing, training, and reporting. In fact, non-production environments typically represent 80% of the surface area of risk for database security issues, including breach incidents.

Data masking has proven to be the most effective approach to securing non-production environments. By replacing sensitive data with fictitious yet realistic data, masking solutions completely neutralize database security risks in downstream environments while preserving the value of the data for non-production use. Because of these qualities, applying masking to all non-production data is considered a database security best practice.

To maximize the value of data masking solutions, organizations need to address two key challenges: masking the data, and then efficiently delivering it. By combining Data as a Service (DaaS) and masking into a single architecture, Delphix is the only vendor that solves both database security issues and data delivery challenges. Delphix transforms masking, allowing project teams to avoid database security issues while delivering data in just minutes, via self-service.

Product proven

Delphix is in use at over 100 of the Fortune 500, including 4 of the 5 largest retailers in the United States. At one F500 health insurance provider, Delphix has been used to virtualize 1 Petabyte of masked dev/test data, saving the firm work-years of time and millions of dollars of infrastructure, while enabling compliance with HIPAA.

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