Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization against costly data loss.

The Problem:

Rapid data growth, costly DR options, data sprawl, backup failures, long restore times and lack of data granularity are just some of the data protection challenges facing IT teams today.

The Solution:

Delphix provides continuous data protection with recovery-point accuracy down to an individual transaction, while reducing the space needed for backup storage by up to 90%. And you can provision recovered data environments in minutes and replicate data between on-premise and cloud storage or from site to site.

Delphix for Backup and Data Protection

Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes and compresses data in databases, application files, and file systems, reducing the space and time requirements for data archiving, data backup, and disaster recovery. Continuous data protection maintains a transaction-level backup and enables integrated data governance and fast, efficient data restoration.

Backup Diagram

Create a time machine for your data

Delphix's continuous data protection provides recovery-point accuracy down to an individual transaction and enables you to store and manage both backup and live data on a platform that ensures data governance and efficient data recovery.

Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Rapidly provision when needed

Archive applications intelligently

Delphix's full-stack archiving preserves the exact state of both the data and the application at any point in time. The secure archives automatically integrate data masking and can be tiered to different target storage locations based on policy. And you can easily manage archives in the Delphix GUI, where they appear as bookmarks in a data timeline.

"Delphix has enabled us to reduce database copy storage volumes, provide automation, and reduce product development time-to-market."
- Ken Timque - IT Manager at New York Life Insurance Company*

Save time and money in disaster recovery

Delphix synchronizes full environments to an offsite data center or hybrid cloud — reducing infrastructure costs until time of cutover — and restores them to any previous point in time in a matter of minutes.


Disaster recovery

*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers