Data is the Biggest Constraint in Data Center Migrations

Migrate applications to new data centers 50% faster without disrupting current projects

Data Blocks Every Stage of the Migration Process

Migration teams wait for test environments that are often loaded with low-quality data: aging data moved once at the beginning of the project, subsetted data, and misaligned data from backups on different timelines for each application.

Migrations are further complicated by:


Data dependencies and entanglements across systems complicate testing and cutover processes


Data volume

Data center migration projects require migrating hundreds or thousands of applications, which may contain PBs of data


Sensitive data such as PII must be extracted from the safe production zone and loaded into validation environments where the controls are often less rigorous

Accelerate and De-Risk All Phases of Data Center Migration

Delphix enables teams to migrate production applications faster and safer. Use APIs to continuously sync production data to the new data center. Then provision, clean up, integrate, and version data to drive application validation, integration testing, rehearsals, and cutover.


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