DevOps Automation

Deliver high-quality code faster with DevOps automation and virtual data.

The Problem:

Developers today face unprecedented pressure to deliver better code faster. But the data used in development environments is still delivered by legacy systems, and shortcomings in those systems frequently prevent projects from delivering software rapidly and at high quality.

The Solution:

What is DevOps automation? Delphix provides full, faithful, and scalable virtual copies of production data on demand. Developers and testers can readily integrate the data – branched and versioned in parallel with code – into existing DevOps workflows, enabling them to hit their targets for speed and quality.

Delphix for DevOps Automation

Delphix connects to a production data source, virtualizes it, and maintains an updated, versioned copy of the source. When a developer, tester, or automatic test routine needs access to the data, Delphix provides a fully independent, read-writeable copy that stands up in minutes. It can be shared among teams and branched and versioned just like code, eliminating the dependency on slow, physical ticketing systems to deliver key data. This virtual data copy can also be refreshed in minutes to provide up-to-date data for the latest version development, and deployed at scale to enable full automatic testing on existing hardware.

What Is DevOps Automation Diagram

Create and refresh data environments automatically

For every project, developers must create an environment that replicates the production world in which their code will run and then continually refresh that environment to the most recent production state. Data delivery for each round using legacy methods requires weeks of slow, ticketed work by multiple ops staff members.

Delphix automates this DevOps process, delivering the needed environment in minutes so that developers can work self-sufficiently, whether they're standing up a new environment or refreshing a current project.

DevOps Automation

Sometimes seeing is believing

Especially with stats like "1000% more effective."

Branch and Version DevOps Data

Branch and version data just like code

In DevOps workplaces, developers often work on many code versions in parallel as they try out new features or support a range of existing software.

Delphix makes it possible to fork development environments, whether to add a new data type for a proposed feature or to track the varied types of data in production.

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Restore data in minutes to speed up automated testing

Even though testing in DevOps workflows is heavily automated, many tests are destructive. Once testing has materially altered the environment, automatic test cycles are constrained until the data is refreshed.

Delphix can roll back environments in minutes, allowing automated DevOps testing to proceed much faster and at higher quality.

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DevOps Automation For Faster Testing
DevOps Automation For Efficient Collaboration

Collaborate more efficiently using fully sharable data

Software developers often need to collaborate to resolve especially difficult development problems. With legacy data environments, such collaboration requires one developer to take over the other's workstation or server, introducing serious delays.

Delphix enables developers to share full data environments immediately so that DevOps collaboration can proceed more efficiently.