ERP Upgrades

Keep your ERP upgrade on budget – and on track.

The Problem:

More than half of all ERP upgrades run past schedule and over budget. The main reason? The process of standing up project environments is slow and overly complex.

The Solution:

Delphix cuts complexity, lowers TCO, and accelerates ERP upgrades by delivering high-quality production data to development teams more efficiently than legacy processes.

Delphix for ERP Upgrades

Delphix is a software-only solution that connects seamlessly to production ERP systems such as Oracle e-Business Suite and SAP ERP Central Component via native APIs and creates a one-time, compressed copy of your data. From that point on, Delphix continuously records all changes to the application tier and database, effectively maintaining a secure time machine for the entire ERP application stack. ERP project teams can spin up and quickly tear down environments – using minimal infrastructure resources – so you can complete data migration, integration testing, and UAT in a fraction of the time and cost.

ERP Upgrade Diagram

Migrate faster--without disruption

Before an ERP upgrade can begin, data migration teams must cleanse, map, and convert data in legacy systems in order to establish a proper test bed. This can be disruptive to ongoing projects and create critical delays.

Delphix collects data from legacy ERP systems without disruptions. This shrinks the time and hardware required to stand-up new project environments and reduces risk by allowing migration teams to easily reset and recover from data-related errors.

Faster ERP Upgrades

Sometimes seeing is believing

Especially with stats like "1000% more effective."

ERP Integration and Testing

Unplug the integration and testing bottleneck

During integration testing, applications teams often need to synchronize data across multiple applications to test core processes (like "quote-to-cash" or "procure-to-pay"). This makes setting up an integrated test environment an excruciating process – and can extend projects by weeks.

Delphix unplugs the bottlenecks by enabling multiple datasets to be federated and simultaneously dialed backwards to any point in time in minutes. As a result, developers can easily test and re-test application changes, improving resulting code output.

Test more thoroughly for a smoother launch

Trial runs are vital before an upgrade goes live, but it is often difficult to anticipate and react to the various twists and turns that can occur before the cutover.

Environments can be reset in minutes if there is an error, which allows for robust trial testing without lengthy – and costly – delays.

Smoother ERP Upgrade Launch

Increase uptime with improved production support

If there are issues after go-live, setting up a production support environment can take days. That means errors often remain unresolved for long periods of time, which can have a critical impact on operations.

With Delphix, data forensics is dramatically simplified--there's no need to wait to analyze the root cause of an issue. Because Delphix keeps a record of all changes, teams can quickly isolate and repair problems.

Reduce your total cost of ownership

ERP implementations are costly to maintain, require dedicated maintenance teams, and are also among the largest consumers of storage within any IT organization.

With Delphix, new releases, database upgrades, service packs and other updates happen in a fraction of the time-- and the storage requirements of non-production data are reduced by 90%.