Deliver projects on time and on budget.

The Problem:

Faced with increasingly wide-ranging IT mandates and shrinking budgets, government organizations struggle to meet directives to develop new applications, advance cybersecurity, and consolidate data centers.

The Solution:

Delphix delivers data for application development, testing, and analytics more efficiently than legacy systems, helping government organizations execute critical projects on time and on budget.

Delphix for Government

Running as a software appliance on any server on-premises or in a private or public cloud, Delphix virtualizes and delivers data in databases, application files, and file systems and makes it readily accessible to end users in a fraction of the time it takes to make and move physical copies. It can also efficiently profile, mask, and audit sensitive data to maintain regulatory compliance and protect against cybercrime.

How data virtualization works

Develop applications faster

For government organizations with limited budgets, problems with spinning up or refreshing data for application development environments can quickly compound into devastating delays and budget overruns.

Delphix automates the data delivery process, providing virtual copies of data up to 100x faster than legacy processes. This reduces spin-up time from months to minutes and helps developers and testers work self-sufficiently on new projects or upgrades for both custom and packaged applications.

Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Safeguard sensitive data

In light of recent high-profile data breaches, government organizations are taking steps to advance cybersecurity measures. But bolstering privacy and national security requires complex and costly IT programs, and organizations must maintain compliance levels as they add data or modify workflows.

Delphix limits privileged access to sensitive data and creates a chain-of-custody log to enable more secure data governance. Meanwhile, integrated masking for TB-level datasets helps protect sensitive information against both internal and external threats.

Streamline migration to the cloud

Even though a "cloud first" posture can help government organizations deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively, migrating data and applications is often slow and expensive.

Delphix streamlines and secures migrations to cloud platforms including AWS GovCloud – and lowers operating costs when you get there. With space-efficient, virtual copies of production data for migration testing, hybrid application development, archiving, reporting, or troubleshooting, Delphix makes cloud adoption easier and faster.


Easily consolidate IT infrastructure

Government agencies struggle to meet mandates to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and operations, even as the number, size, and complexity of databases and applications continue to increase rapidly.

Delphix enables government organizations to consolidate data centers quickly and efficiently, reducing migration workloads, lowering risk of data loss, and delivering testing environments without taxing IT infrastructure.

Minimize resource constraints

Government organizations must store and manage data volumes that can run into the petabytes – a complex and costly proposition exacerbated by constant data growth and sprawl across systems and silos.

Delphix eliminates redundant data across the application life cycle, helping government organizations consolidate their storage footprint and make data available to the right team at the right time in an automated manner.

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Case Study

The NASA Enterprise Applications Competency Center (NEACC) operates and maintains a broad spectrum of NASA's Enterprise Applications, with an emphasis on fully integrating business process expertise with application and technical know-how. A small team of civil servants and support contractors sustain operations, implement new applications and capabilities, and provide business readiness support to the stakeholders and end users.



Reduced budgets and increased user demands required innovative thinking with regards to operational sustainment at the NEACC. Operational cost reduction and increasing the organization's ability to deliver better, cheaper, faster is the main agency challenge.

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NASA Case Study
Molina Healthcare Delphix Customer Case Study

In the news: Fannie Mae securitization app leads DevOps implementation

Fannie Mae looks to Delphix for significant storage and operational savings as it implements its DevOps program.

"By using data virtualization tools, Fannie Mae expects substantial annual savings on storage costs, beginning with compression savings of 40%. Once more application teams sign on to use virtualized test data, that savings could increase to as much as 75%."
- TechTarget July 21, 2016

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