High Technology

Develop faster while protecting enterprise data.

The Problem:

Developing quality code for customer-facing or enterprise applications requires high-tech companies to handle enormous amounts of complex data throughout the development cycle. But legacy data management systems deliver data too slowly creating software release delays.

The Solution:

Delphix gives project teams full, faithful, and current copies of production data in minutes, whether they're developing proprietary applications in-house or customizing packaged software.

Delphix for High-Tech Companies

Running as a virtual machine on any server, cloud, or storage, Delphix virtualizes large enterprise datasets and makes them readily accessible to end-users on demand – enabling fast environment stand-up and teardown without hardware scaling constraints. It also automatically profiles, masks, and audits sensitive data to maintain compliance and protect against data breach.

How data virtualization works

Create an environment that supports continuous deployment

In the competition to push out the best code fastest, high-tech companies must find DevOps solutions that can accelerate the development cycle, especially when the software is a company's core product. But provisioning data for development and testing often creates lags that affect the entire release timeline.

Delphix automates data management for creating full-stack environments, giving development teams instant access to the fresh data they need to design and test features or platforms earlier and more frequently.

Continuous Deployment
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Retain 30 Days of Backup

Retain 30 days of backup

Improve production uptime

Every minute of production outage costs a high-tech company revenue and damages its reputation. But setting up and maintaining an up-to-date recovery environment can also be costly and time-consuming.

Delphix can quickly create a virtual copy of production and retain 30 days of backup in the same size storage as the source (or less), tracking changes down to the second. From any point in that timeline, users can restore a full copy of the data in a matter of minutes with just a few mouse clicks.

"Delphix will facilitate the creation of databases for non-production environments, allowing our organization to be more agile in testing applications."

Pierre Morel - IT Professional at Dell

Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers

Run integration testing in parallel

Integration testing requires consistent environments with data federated across various systems in order to test core processes that rely on multiple applications, such as quote-to-cash or procure-to-pay. But setting up a test environment demands reliable, simultaneous data delivery from many different production systems, which can extend test cycles by days or weeks.

Delphix allows users to provision point-in-time copies of multiple environments on demand and without disruption. Testers can then move the various federated datasets backwards and forwards in sync. And application teams can advance independently toward their targets since they no longer need to wait on one another to access a limited set of integrated testing environments.

Integration Testing in Parallel
Secure Customer Data

Keep customer data more secure

Software companies must handle more customer data in more ways than ever – and if they fail to follow privacy regulations or otherwise protect this enterprise data, they can face severe legal, financial, and marketing consequences.

Delphix integrates automatic data masking and data virtualization so that compliance teams can easily redact every database that leaves production and natively track data lineage. Delphix also gives security staff centralized control across all data environments so they can easily and consistently enforce policies.

Wind River logo

Case Study

Application development and troubleshooting needs are driving Wind River (a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel) to create more database instances for developers and IT operations staff. With heavy data growth – over 100% in recent years – the time and cost of creating new database copies was becoming challenging.

A business process such as quote-to-cash might cross multiple systems, including ERP, Financials, CRM, Master-Data, and others. Each may have its own database instance that tracks transactions, updates, and other changes. If a problem arises that requires investigation across these systems, coordinating the data to a specific previous point in time was very difficult if not impossible. This increased the time and effort required to resolve issues.

See the solution
Case Study Windriver

Simplify migrations and upgrades

Staying competitive in manufacturing requires taking advantage of the newest and best software and hardware available. But upgrades present problems: Mapping and converting data from the legacy system into a test-bed environment can disrupt ongoing projects – a risk that causes some businesses to delay or even cancel necessary upgrades.

Delphix collects legacy system data non-disruptively and reduces the time and hardware resources needed to stand up a test environment, reducing the risk of early delays. Migration teams can also easily bookmark their known-good states to recover quickly from data-related errors. And once the test environment is ready, they can instantly push it into use without any outage in production.

Lower the total cost of ownership

Enterprise software requires costly specialized hardware and dedicated staff simply to maintain steady-state functionality – and controlling these expenses remains a primary objective for enterprise customers.

Delphix helps contain software ownership costs in several ways. First, it reduces the amount of storage needed for non-production environments by up to 90%, while also lowering related costs in network and other hardware investments. Second, Delphix can help save on license fees because it supports a more flexible database design, with servers allocated per user rather than per dataset. Finally, Delphix streamlines data management processes to enable IT teams to allocate more staff to higher-value activities.