Manage, copy, and upgrade databases faster and more easily.

The Problem:

Businesses need copies of DB2 databases for development, testing, analytics, regulatory compliance, and countless other purposes. But creating and delivering these copies is tedious and expensive work that still relies on manual data management.

The Solution:

Delphix replaces manual touch points in the DB2 copy process with intelligent automation and self-service delivery. In minutes, it can deliver fully functional read/write copies of databases that require almost no extra storage, reducing the time end users wait for environments.

Delphix for DB2

Running on existing servers with any storage, Delphix maintains an up-to-date, virtual copy of a production database, using DB2-native HADR capabilities to minimize disruptions. Delphix compresses the copy efficiently and stores it in ZFS, making it available for block sharing. When a user requests the data, Delphix delivers a lightweight copy that includes only the changed blocks and block tracking, reducing the time needed to stand up an environment and enabling more flexible operations afterwards.

How data virtualization works

Deliver fully functional databases in minutes

Managing requests for database copies or refreshes demands an inordinate amount of time for IT staff, and the slow process of delivering a database often delays the project team requesting it.

In minutes, Delphix delivers full, faithful, and current read/write copies of production data, speeding up project timelines for development, testing, and analytics while reducing the burden on IT teams.

Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Simplify archiving and recovery

Backups often require massive storage, and recovery isn't granular enough or takes too long. Both issues threaten continuity of critical business applications.

Delphix maintains full-stack backups in a fraction of the source's size and enables recovery to any point in the saved history in a matter of minutes, whether you're resetting from an outage, fixing corrupted data, or conducting an audit.

Streamline IBM DB2 Upgrades

Streamline upgrades

Necessary, regular upgrades to DB2 can be time-consuming and risky, jeopardizing critical business operations.

Delphix spins up scalable, virtual copies of production databases, on demand, enabling IT teams to implement upgrades quickly and without risk of downtime for the production data.

Integrated masking and data delivery

The risk of data theft and the growing regulations restricting use of customer information make it more burdensome to produce copies of databases, since organizations must spend time to create synthetic data or rely on heavy auditing policies.

Delphix automatically integrates data masking with delivery, allowing project teams to share secure copies of the full database with minimal risk of compliance issues, crime, or delays.