Break Through Your Murex Data Bottleneck

Learn how financial services organisations are unshackling Murex data to meet regulatory compliance and industry change.

Accessing Murex data has become a bottleneck for banks to adapt to industry and regulatory change. Enabling massive volumes of Murex data to quickly and securely flow to developers, testers, risk management, data analysts across environments so they can build new apps, integrations to counterparty systems, and adapt to industry change is now the #1 challenge facing Murex shops.

With Delphix, Murex data flows to non-production environments, faster, smarter, and more efficiently so teams can develop, test, and deliver faster.

Virtualize data with compression—so teams can use continually synced Murex data in more environments, while using dramatically less storage.
Synchronize Murex data to the cloud, production-support environments, and risk modeling teams, while providing data snapshotting, versioning, branching, and rewind.
Deploy self-service data controls that enable teams to refresh data easily, or recover their Murex non-production data to any point in time―without requiring DBA support.
Secure Murex data with automatic and custom masking to ensure strong data security compliance before distribution to every non-production environment.
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Deliver Agility for Murex


Delivery Agility for Murex

Accelerating access to Murex data can deliver big dividends. Here are a few examples of what large financial services institutions are achieving by enabling teams to tap more effectively and efficiently into their Murex deployments.

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