Oracle E-Business Suite

Complete projects in half the time, and a fraction of the cost.

The Problem:

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) projects miss budget and timeline goals due to the complexity of managing custom code, validating business processes, and containing costs from unexpected hardware requirements.

The Solution:

By delivering space-efficient virtual copies of EBS application data in just minutes, Delphix accelerates upgrade, patching, and development cycles while significantly lowering the ongoing ownership cost of EBS systems.

Delphix for Oracle E-Business Suite

Running as a virtual machine on any server or in a private or public cloud, Delphix virtualizes complete Oracle EBS systems – including the application tier and underlying database – and enables you to provision and refresh full-scale environments faster and easier, all from a single point of control. Using advanced compression and intelligent data block sharing, Delphix can consolidate more than ten virtual EBS environments into the space of one physical environment. And on-demand access to application data accelerates all phases of the EBS lifecycle, including legacy data migration, integration testing, trial upgrade, and post go-live support.

How data virtualization works

Accelerate critical Oracle EBS projects

Organizations running Oracle EBS need to constantly upgrade, customize, or consolidate implementations. But the challenges of data management often delay these efforts and dictate a project delivery schedule that can't keep pace with business requirements.

Delphix provides on-demand access to application data that speeds development and testing, helping IT organizations complete projects faster and stay ahead of emerging issues.

Accelerate Critical Oracle EBS projects
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Control your total cost of ownership

Sprawling Oracle EBS implementations require expensive infrastructure and maintenance, leaving organizations with fewer resources to invest in innovation that can solve pressing business needs.

Delphix helps reduce costs in two ways: It consolidates and shrinks the footprint of non-production storage, and it enables you to patch, customize, and upgrade Oracle EBS systems more quickly and efficiently.

Maintain business continuity

Because Oracle EBS forms the IT backbone for business activity in organizations across all verticals, system downtime can have a devastating impact on operations.

Delphix enables fast recovery of full Oracle EBS application stacks and mitigates the risk of data loss in the event of an outage – measuring recovery time objective (RTO) in minutes and recovery point objective (RPO) in seconds.

Business Continuity

Strengthen security for your Oracle EBS data

Non-production environments for Human Capital Management, Financials, or other Oracle applications may contain confidential information such as social security numbers, credit card information, and patient health records.

Delphix automatically masks sensitive information to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of data theft.

Easily archive for better compliance and reporting

Businesses need to find smart, efficient ways to store, migrate, and ultimately retire application environments, all while staying compliant.

Delphix allows IT administrators to retain and quickly re-activate complete Oracle EBS systems to meet audit requests or analyze historical data.