Enable fast growth at scale.

The Problem:

The rapid evolution of the retail industry requires constant adaptation in IT. Retailers must attract new customers and boost customer loyalty while also aiming to rightsize their businesses.

The Solution:

Delphix enables retailers to complete more application projects in less time — so that they can bring more products to market faster, quickly roll out new personalized services, and consolidate back-office operations efficiently.

Delphix for Retail

Delphix is enterprise software that runs as a virtual machine on any server, storage, or in a private or public cloud. Delphix virtualizes data in databases, application files, and file systems and reduces the time to deliver environments to end users. Delphix can also secure sensitive customer data at risk with integrated masking, protecting retailers against costly data breaches.

How data virtualization works

Speed time-to-market for front-end apps

Competition in e-Commerce, the push for omnichannel, and the need for more personalized customer experiences puts pressure on IT organizations to move faster. Application development, however, is bottlenecked by the days or even weeks that it takes to set up a new environment.

Delphix delivers virtual data in minutes. Instead of waiting for environments, developers and testers can bookmark and quickly reset during testing via self-service, transforming the process and economics of application development.

Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Secure sensitive customer data at risk

Recent data breaches are costly, both in terms of incident response and lost customers. There is a clear need to protect sensitive customer data, but traditional masking solutions slow down software development and are costly to maintain.

Delphix masks and secures sensitive customer information -- such as credit card and social security numbers -- without causing unwanted friction. By delivering secure, virtual data to application teams, IT organizations can protect against data breach and other unwanted attacks while keeping pace with the business.

"As of Q1 FY’16, we saved 1.16 PB. As of Q2, we saved 3.14 PB. As of Q3, 3.92 PB. And as of Q4, 4.99 PB of cumulative storage savings. This quarter, we refreshed 1,638 times. On average, it took 12 hours before and 20 minutes now to refresh. That’s a savings of 40,956 hours this quarter."
- Anonymous - Senior IT Manager at a Fortune 100 Retail Company*

Consolidate back-office systems faster

Fueled by industry consolidation, retailers must look for ways to quickly and efficiently modernize and retire core transactional systems like Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards.

Delphix helps companies complete upgrades faster by accelerating the testing of customizations, enhancements, and configurations. Legacy systems can also be efficiently retired and archived in the Delphix Virtualization Engine for future audit purposes.

Protect against outages

The cost of downtime in production ranks the highest for ERP and e-Commerce applications — both of which are critical for retailers. Due to the difficulty in obtaining access to the latest production data, developers may choose to work with subsets or stale data, which can lead to bugs in production and Severity 1 outages in some cases.

Delphix delivers high-fidelity, virtual data to end users, improving the quality of testing and reducing the number of bugs that reach production. In the event of downtime, production support teams can quickly provision point-in-time data environments for triage without incurring additional storage capacity.

Reduce operational costs

Maintenance and support costs consume IT budgets, limiting the capacity for growth in strategic areas such as e-Commerce. Redundant copies of the same data only makes matters worse.

Delphix lowers ongoing production support costs – such as internal bug fixes, third-party patches, and data fixes – by making data easier to store and manage. With virtual data, redundant data is consolidated into a single footprint, enabling retailers to collapse storage budgets by up to 90%.

*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers