SAP with Delphix

Accelerate your SAP project using virtual data.

The Problem:

Organizations struggle to execute SAP development projects because inflexible infrastructure and processes slow down the provisioning of data environments. A backlog of projects leaves organizations anchored in legacy approaches to doing business.

The Solution:

Delphix enables IT teams to quickly create agile data environments for development and testing. This lets them complete more SAP projects faster to extend their reach and achieve successful business outcomes.

Delphix for SAP

Running as a virtual machine on any server or in a private or public cloud, Delphix virtualizes data from SAP systems and makes copies readily accessible for sandbox, development, testing, or training. These virtual environments behave like physical ones, but provisioning them takes just a fraction of the time and space of traditional systems, helping businesses manage data more efficiently and accelerate SAP projects across all phases of the lifecycle.

SAP Diagram

Release better software by testing earlier and faster

SAP testing teams must frequently perform time-consuming data refreshes or other data management processes that create bottlenecks in executing test cases.

Delphix eliminates these interruptions by quickly resetting data to a baseline state following destructive test runs. By reducing the waiting time between test cycles, IT organizations can release more features faster and with fewer bugs.

Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Fast Integration

Quickly prototype and integrate business processes

Without proper SAP sandbox environments, businesses lack the IT workspace to develop and deploy customizations that can improve critical business processes.

Delphix simplifies sandbox provisioning so that ABAP developers and functional consultants can more easily prototype, fine-tune, and integrate features that improve business performance.

"We created production clone systems for integration testing and have been able to capture production issues earlier. We now evaluate all new SAP products on Delphix copies of production data."
- Venkat Thota - IT Architect at Avaya, Inc.*

Work across parallel development tracks for continuous delivery

Developing and testing in a single SAP environment demands too much lead time for each project or phase, resulting in slowdowns that are bad for business.

Delphix enables IT organizations to create new SAP development, testing, and sandbox environments from production data in minutes. And because each environment takes a fraction of the original space, your existing infrastructure can handle parallel tracks for executing multiple, simultaneous projects without delays or interference.

Continuous SAP Delivery

Improve change management with accelerated training

The successful rollout of new functionality or applications entails training users, but incomplete or slow environments can compromise instruction.

Delphix simplifies and accelerates training administration by instantly provisioning full, self-service environments for training courses and automatically resetting data after each course completion.

Speed up integration testing

Complex implementations that span both SAP and non-SAP applications make accurate integration testing difficult and time-consuming.

Delphix connects to multiple sources and then provisions test environments that are synchronized to the same point in time, ensuring that data stays consistent across modules.

*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers