Delphix for SAP

Build an agile SAP infrastructure by providing fast, secure access to data for business-critical projects. Delphix enables SAP-driven organizations to release applications faster, improve quality, and migrate to HANA with less risk.

Your projects, always on time

Delphix makes high-quality SAP data continuously available across development, testing, and deployment. Bookmarks—point-in-time markers that define a previous state—enable SAP teams to establish a clean baseline between test cases. Reset to a bookmark in minutes without having to wait days or weeks for a system refresh. With greater data agility, SAP teams can boost both quality and release speed.


Data masking designed for SAP

Our Dynamic Data Platform gives businesses an end-to-end approach to safeguarding sensitive information in SAP. Automatically identify sensitive data, mask that data at high speed, then deliver secure copies to downstream environments. With Delphix, businesses can protect against breach and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR through a solution purpose-built to handle the complexity of SAP data.


Your journey to HANA, accelerated

Migrate to SAP HANA and the S/4HANA application suite faster while reducing risk. Quickly stand up space-efficient migration environments for data conversion, testing, and cutover rehearsals leading up to go-live. After the migration is complete, operate legacy Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and ASE environments more efficiently while also accelerating HANA-driven SAP projects.

Case Study

Data Management Enables Clorox’s Digital Brand Strategy

Clorox partnered with Delphix to virtualize the company’s data infrastructure. Less than six weeks after deploying the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform, Clorox was successfully provisioning databases for its development and testing teams.

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