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General Questions
What kinds of support do you offer?

We offer both phone and email/web service support for our product as well as documentation, community forum and knowledge base.

What are the different levels of support?

We have three levels of support: Standard, Platinum and PlatinumPlus; for the specifics on each one please visit our Support Policies.

Where do I go for support?

Our knowledge base and case filing can be found on, our community forums are on (these are the best place for quick questions, product how-tos and connecting with other Delphix users) and our main product docs are available on

What is the Support Phone Number?

We have regional and local numbers, note the 800 number is toll free.

   USA and Canada: 1-888-827-4720
   International: +1 650-681-3905
   United Kingdom: +44 1277 420169
   Japan: +81-3-4510-0375


What is PlatinumPlus? What is the difference between that and Platinum?

PlatinumPlus offers the fastest time to response, customized reporting and check-ins with a personal account manager on your Delphix deployment - this is our only support level that offers this. For more information check out the PlatinumPlus Data Sheet.