Tech Talk

Move and Secure Your Data

Standing in the way of executing application development projects faster is data access from different data sources. Delphix Data Platform allows data from a diverse set of data sources in the enterprise to be securely delivered to every stakeholder, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments at the speed and scale required to enable rapid development and delivery of applications. 

Watch our 15-minute tech talk with Ranzo Taylor, Sr. Director, Field Services and Dhiraj Sehgal, Director, Product Marketing at Delphix to learn how to eliminate data source diversity-related challenges while providing:

  1. Faster feature release cycle
  2. Higher quality software
  3. Secure distribution of data in AppDev and QA environments


ranzo taylorRanzo Taylor is the Sr. Practice Director, Technical Services at Delphix. Ranzo joined Delphix in 2013 and is responsible for all technical aspects of services delivery, as well as helping to guide the practice through the maturation challenges of a startup.



dhiraj seghalDhiraj Sehgal is a technology and product management, marketing and strategy professional with over 15 years of experience in engineering and customer-facing roles. His background is in communicating, delivering and building products such as SaaS, Data Management, Server, Storage and Networking hardware, IaaS, Automation and Orchestration.