Fannie Mae’s Data Transformation Story

Fannie Mae embraced a data transformation through DataOps and the Delphix platform, opening access to data and dramatically speeding up application development times.

"Data is not just a contributing factor to the products that we make, it is the product that we make."
— Jason Anders, Cloud Strategy, Fannie Mae

America’s most valued housing partner, Fannie Mae underwent a “data transformation” journey that served as the crux of a total company reinvention.

Data was previously a tremendous drag on the organization, one that caused long wait times for data, friction between teams and stagnated innovation for the company.

VP of Development Services Mike Garcia and the members of his team embraced DataOps and the Delphix platform to open up access to data, automate processes, enable new levels of sharing and dramatically speed up application development times.

The new levels of speed they were able to achieve that beyond their wildest  expectations and spawned a new era of continuous innovation.

“There’s now a new level of optimism in the company that’s palpable,” added Garcia.

Click here to see the highlights or their journey, or watch this video to learn more about the Delphix Data Platform.