Migrating Applications to the Cloud with Programmable Data Infrastructure

Watch this fireside chat with Jason Simpson, VP of Engineering at Choice Hotels, and Delphix's Chief Customer Officer Alex Hesterberg at DeveloperWeek 2021.

Building on its rich history of innovation, Choice Hotels used a cloud-first approach to accelerate innovation and battle digital-native competitors. 

To escape the gravitational pull of data and make the cloud promise a reality, Choice Hotels brought on an API-first programmable data infrastructure platform to automate data compliance and data delivery. By doing so, the organization broke down data silos, allowing software teams to significantly improve the quality and speed of application testing and development.

In this fireside chat with Jason Simpson, VP of Engineering at Choice Hotels, and Delphix's Chief Customer Officer Alex Hesterberg, hear about:

  • Learnings from a migration of hundreds of applications from legacy systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Insights on leveraging data to minimize the risk of outages and delivering a frictionless experience for customers and franchisees across platforms
  • Reaping the scalability of cloud to manage unexpected business shifts including impacts from COVID-19
  • Perspectives on how Programmable Data Infrastructure can be leveraged for Migration, CI/CD Acceleration and even Service Restoration with APM Integration

Read how Choice Hotels Is Winning Hearts & Trust With Digital Innovation in Data Company Magazine.  

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