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451 Research: 90% of Enterprises are Using DataOps. Why Aren’t You?

It’s no secret that data is your most valuable asset. But if not managed and secured properly, it can be your biggest liability. 

Data is exploding across the business and everyone in the company wants - no needs - immediate, continuous access to innovate, analyze and understand customer behavior.  Compound this with wide-sweeping data privacy regulations and the process is slowed even more. In a world where every company is a data company, how will enterprises ensure the fast, secure delivery of data? The answer, as many of the world’s most important brands already know, is DataOps.    

According to new findings by 451 Research, nearly 90%  of respondents plan to increase investment in DataOps strategies and platforms and 92% of enterprise respondents agreed that improved DataOps would have a positive impact on their organization’s success.

Join Matt Aslett, Research Vice President at 451 Research and Sanjeev Sharma, VP and Global Practice Director for Data Transformation at Delphix, to explore the impact of DataOps on enterprise digital transformation. They will discuss:  

  • • Why DataOps is important to data management challenges
  • • The role of data security in DataOps adoption
  • • New cultural and organizational approaches for data management
Meet the Speakers
Matt Aslett, Research Vice President, 451 Research

Matt is responsible for 451 Research Data, AI and Analytics Channel focused on distributed data management, data catalogs, business intelligence and analytics, data science management, and enterprise knowledge graphs. Matt is a regular speaker at client and industry events, and has delivered keynotes and moderated panels at Strata + Hadoop World, DataWorks Summit, and more. Matt has been named by AnalyticsWeek as being among the top 200 Thought Leaders in the field of Big Data and Analytics.

Sanjeev Sharma, VP and Global Practice Director for Data Transformation

Sanjeev Sharma is an internationally renown DevOps and Cloud Transformation thought leader, technology executive, and published author. Sanjeev’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO and Worldwide Technical Sales Leader, Cloud Architect Leader and Acquisition Integration Technical Leader.

Today, Sanjeev is the VP and Global Practice Director for Data Transformation at Delphix. He joined the company after 15 years at IBM where he held a number of field-facing technology leadership roles, including Worldwide Leader of DevOps Technical Sales, Worldwide CTO of DevOps adoption, and most recently Director of IBM’s Cloud Architecture Guild. He is a regular speaker and thought leader in the DevOps community, and his recent book, The DevOps Adoption Playbook, won Best DevOps Book of 2017 from He regularly publishes articles, blog posts and videos for leading tech publications such as WIRED Insights,, DZone, IBM DeveloperWorks, and his own blog at Sanjeev tweets as @sd_architect.

Sanjeev has an Electrical Engineering degree from The National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India and a Masters in Computer Science from Villanova University, United States. He is passionate about his family, travel, reading, movies and airline miles.