Release Software 1000X Faster:
5 secret weapons for CI/CD and higher quality applications.

7th December | 8.30am GMT | 9h30 CET | 4.30pm SGT

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Hear from Proximus, the leading Belgian digital communication and entertainment services provider, about how they're competing with tech giants. Learn how Proximus leverages the only data automation platform for DevOps to deliver faster, lighter, safer data and compelling products and services.

This webinar will showcase how to automate manual snail-paced data—like code, storage, and compute—to accelerate critical IT projects, adopt true CI/CD, and speed up release cycles to deliver higher quality products and services faster.

Learn more about DevOps Data Super Powers. We explore five secret weapons that enable the Delphix DevOps Data Platform to reduce time-to-market and give our customers a sustained competitive edge:

  • Self-Service Operations: Automate and accelerate few-click data operations, removing the dependence on operations staff and ticketing queues.
  • Virtual Data Hub: Access all data sources and deliver virtual data copies 99% faster using 90% less space.
  • Branch & Version Data like Code: Version and share virtual data copies that you can bookmark, clean up, and restore.
  • Shift left bug/defect detection: With production-relevant data to ensure comprehensive test coverage earlier in the release cycle, establishing faster, higher-quality feedback loops.
  • API-Driven Data Management: Build custom integrations for any DevOps tool an organisation uses.

Don’t miss this session if you are looking to transform your DevOps approach to:

  • Increase developer productivity with frictionless release
  • Ease data integration with highly efficient test data management
  • Build a collaborative data environment with faster, compliant and secure data access
Zoran Duvnjak - Senior Solutions Engineer, Delphix

With a solid background as java developer, load and performance expert and APM pre-sales, Zoran worked on both sides of the customer. As an IT consultant always focusing on the needs and demands of the customer and as APM pre-sales also providing business value to those needs. Connecting business value to the technical and security requirements of an IT project are crucial for every product launch.