Accelerate Project Delivery & Cloud Migration with Fast, Compliant Data

Lower TCO with Always Secure Data

IT organisations must manage concurrent demands to move faster across multiple lines of business while meeting internal IT directives to cut costs, protect customer information, and comply with heightened regulations, such as POPIA and GDPR.

Delphix delivers compliant data fast thus slashing DevOps project delivery times and providing reliable, zero trust data delivery that fuels innovation.

An IDC report has shown that agile data slashes the total cost of ownership of data highlighting a 24% increase in staff productivity, a 72% reduction in infrastructure costs and a 76% reduction in business risk, whilst increasing productivity by 40%.

Delphix transforms data for DevOps by:

  • Integrating automated continuous data delivery with continuous compliance 
  • Increasing uptime and stability for core transactional systems
  • Accelerating cloud migration with API sync of production data to the cloud to drive testing, cutover rehearsal, and production support
  • Providing Zero Trust data anonymization and fast application recovery for ransomware mitigation
  • De-risking ad-hoc audit requests with fast application stack provisioning 
  • Improving analytics with event libraries of historical datasets for ‘what if’ testing
  • Shrinking infrastructure requirements for data storage and servers

Watch this webinar to discover how Delphix transforms the way that some of the World's largest institutions protect, manage, and consume their data for their DevOps projects.


Allison Ntuba, Managing Director, ARFA Technology Limited

Allison is the Co-founder and Managing Director of ARFA Technology Limited. Been in the IT industry for more than 20 years handling various positions with multinational companies in Sub Saharan Africa. Helping companies in the region in their transformation projects as their strategic technology advisor.

Steve Barrett, Senior Vice President, International Markets, Delphix

Steve Barrett is our SVP International Operations at Delphix. Steve brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise software working in organisations like Dell EMC and Salesforce. More recently at PagerDuty, Steve led the EMEA business from early stages to IPO and post IPO, running the top performing revenue operation globally. He grew the business across all the key markets including Middle East Africa.

Gary Hallam, Director, Channel EMEA, Delphix

Gary works with Delphix Partners in Africa & beyond to help articulate the business value of the Delphix Data Platform. He has a broad technical and commercial background in data and integration, having worked for major systems integrators and smaller start up organisations. Prior to joining Delphix Gary ran an EMEA-Wide Oracle Sales Engineering team, focused on Oracle’s database, integration & security products. Gary has a long, practical experience in IT and is passionate about delivering real business value through IT innovation and simplification.