Why Your Approach To Data Governance Needs a Major Update

Data is the fuel that powers today’s application-driven businesses. But efficiently governing this data is becoming harder as it grows in volume and proliferates across cloud and on-prem environments. Questions like “Where is my sensitive data located?,” “How do we protect it from breach?” and “How do I ensure the right people have access to it?” are becoming more difficult to answer. Join us to learn how forward-thinking businesses are evolving to meet new data governance challenges.



mattMatthew Yeh is Director of Product Marketing at Delphix. Matthew helps craft Delphix’s go-to-market strategy, specializing in test data management and data security. Prior to joining Delphix, he was a Solution Manager at SAP Labs where he shaped SAP’s GRC software portfolio for customers in regulated industries.


jasonJason Grauel is the Senior Director of Product Management at Delphix. He has been with Delphix for over 5 years and is focused on driving clarity to the most difficult parts of Delphix's product line. Prior to joining Delphix, Jason held multiple product management roles at Symantec.