Automate Data and Infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform and Delphix to Accelerate DevOps

To survive and thrive, all enterprises must transform. Successful transformations are predicated on simultaneously improving software quality and speed, while keeping a close eye on data safety. DevOps initiatives can help significantly move the needle on these goals by automating everything from infrastructure to code builds. But test data is often still manual, error-prone and vulnerable to threats, constraining the success of DevOps efforts.

In this webinar, we will discuss how together we can help you automate all enterprise data for DevOps by using the partner verified Terraform Provider for Delphix to manage data-as-code along with infrastructure. We will show you how to:

  • Harness a native Terraform workflow for key DevOps data operations via one control plane

  • Reduce cloud waste with ephemeral data environments and cloud caching

  • Minimize defects by provisioning unlimited datasets for testing early and often

  • Promote a zero trust dev/test environment with continuous compliance

Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

Highly motivated to create the finest technological offerings. My passion is teaching technology, when not writing, I enjoy spending time making videos for my YouTube channel "All things microservices". Outside of technology I enjoy cycling, running and raising money for a charity I run with my wife.

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