Building a Zero Trust
DevOps Architecture

Eliminate sensitive data risk in your largest and often least secure data environments.

Zero trust has emerged as the new standard for data security, becoming an imperative for businesses in the wake of growing insider threats and cyber attacks. Businesses are reshaping their IT architecture to incorporate zero-trust policies and solutions aimed at safeguarding data from unauthorized usage and ransomware extortion/encryption attacks.

Watch the webinar to discover the building blocks of a zero-trust architecture for non-production databases used for development, testing, and analytics—which often represent an enterprises’ largest and least secure data environments.

In the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Key principles of a zero trust architecture
  • Internal and external threats to consider
  • How to apply zero trust to DevOps environments
  • How automation, anonymization, and immutable data help eliminate risk


Jason Grauel is the Vice President of Product Management at Delphix. Jason's been with Delphix for over eight years and has experienced the growth of the product, customer base and the value proposition over that period. Prior to Delphix, Jason spent seven years in the depths of IT and data security offerings at Symantec. Jason is passionate about driving Delphix as both a product and a data company, ensuring that Delphix delivers the best value to its customers and learns more from its data every day.


Sharon Bell is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Delphix where she specializes in data privacy compliance and industry specific data solutions. Prior to Delphix, Sharon led marketing teams at CDNetworks, CA Technologies, and Import.io.