Data Is the Last Automation Frontier

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In the race to digitally transform, enterprises have automated DevOps processes from code to deployment, but data is often still manually provisioned and secured. In many enterprises, data is siloed, heavy, complex, and filled with compliance risk making it difficult to automate for DevOps processes that lead to digital innovation.

In this webinar with IDG, you will learn how Deloitte is using an API-driven DevOps data platform to automate delivery of lightweight, compliant data for software development, testing, cloud migration, and analytics.

Hear about industry trends and real-world best practices from Delphix CTO Dan Graves and John Irvin, Chief Data Officer for IT Services at Deloitte. They cover topics like:

  • Automating data compliance with regulations, such as GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA
  • Using data automation for faster cloud migration and multi-cloud adoption
  • Making compliant, lightweight data available for digital transformation and DevOps initiatives


John Irvin

John Irvin is Chief Data Officer for IT Services at Deloitte.

Dan Graves

Dan Graves is CTO at Delphix.

Tom Schmidt

Tom Schmidt is Digital Content Director at IDG SMS.