Data Resilience: Quick IT Ops Wins That Are Foundational for Digital Transformation

How does Michelin leverage API-driven data to improve production resiliency by 98%?

Today, business success demands speed and agility to adapt to changing market conditions and digital opportunities; however, this must be coupled with built-in resilience and the ability to "spring back" with uncompromised data. As enterprises strive to optimise application releases and quality, minimising faults and threat impact demands unified DevOps data for continuous innovation, privacy compliance, assured security, rapid recovery, and seamless operation.

Join an esteemed guest from Michelin and us to explore combining on-demand data delivery and an optimised CI/CD value chain to enable faster fault remediation and operational efficiency.

The discussion will include how to:

  • Optimise site reliability engineering
  • Expedite delivery of data-ready environments
  • Guarantee data and digital governance
  • Enhance customer, employee, and partner experiences
  • Achieve perpetual innovation and faster time-to-market
Flavien Dessertine - Database Platform Team Lead, Michelin

Former developer, IT urbanist and tester, currently Digital Product Owner of the Michelin Database Platform, Flavien was the project leader for the deployment of Delphix since 2016. He is now managing a team of database experts and architects, and Delphix is still in his perimeter.

Ugo Pollio - Customer Success Director, Southern Europe, Delphix

Ugo has over 20 years of experience in ICT holding several positions. He's working at Delphix since 5 years as a Presales Manager and currently as Customer Success Director, ensuring customers get the most value from their Delphix investments. Fuelled by curiosity and technologies, he keeps getting up to date with emerging trends like AI and ML, in order to better serve his customers.