Self-Service Access to Data for Developers and Testers

There is an ever growing constituency of data consumers that are responsible for using data to drive new projects and innovation; this includes developers, testers, data scientists, analysts, and more. As the number of data consumers grows, so too does their appetite for more data to be available in more places, like the cloud. But all too often, the demands of the data consumer are constrained by data friction in the form of red tape, security, and manual process, slowing them down to a crawl and hindering them from reacting at the speed that the business requires.

The only way businesses will survive in the data economy is by applying DataOps to eliminate the data friction keeping their best resources from getting the data they need, when they need it.

In this on-demand webinar, Adam Bowen, Delphix Strategic Advisor, will explain how data consumers will benefit from the adoption of DataOps practices, as well as how the Delphix Data Platform enables data consumers to access the data they need via self-service, when and where they need it, at the speed of business.

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bowenAdam Bowen is a technology leader with over 15 years of experience in technical, sales, and senior leadership roles. As the senior member of the Office of the CTO, Adam works with other thought leaders executives of the Global F100 to eliminate key business constraints through innovative new processes, offerings and technologies. Adam serves as an evangelist on behalf of Delphix to communicate the company’s vision, values, and ideas with customers.

Adam's background is in DevOps, TDM, Cloud, Security and Migration for the US government and global financial powers. Adam routinely speaks at events about these topics with other industry visionaries like Gene Kim, and publishes blogs posts and articles on these subjects frequently. Adam was recently commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel in recognition to his commitments to public service and charitable works.