DevOps and The DBA: The Last Frontier

As of 2017, over 90% of businesses have adopted agile development methodologies and DevOps is often a part of this shift. The DBA is central to the development process and valued by the operations team, yet is often reluctant to embrace DevOps implementations.

This webinar will focus on the concepts, the culture and the tools to empower the database administrator in the DevOps world. The focus will be on the alignment of strong scripting skills, security, and performance that is essential to today’s hybrid environments and how the DBA can build an impressive future with DevOps.

Register for this on-demand webinar for a deeper dive into:

  • • Embracing DevOps tools 
  • • Scripting expertise is an essential skill for DevOps success 
  • • Updating your collaboration skills and add languages like Python and Perl, along with learning Groovy to support Jenkins 
  • • Familiarizing yourself with Jenkins, Ansible, Chef and gain expertise in container technology.